Battle of the Books
Look at those hawks up in that tree   Ready for Round 1  Hawk-tastic job team!!!!

2017 Battle of the Books team--Connor, Howie, Stefania, Cameron and Skylar
Hickory Tree Elementary School scored the highest of ALL elementary schools in Round 2 with 13 out of 15 correct answers.   Cameron, our team captain 2 years in a row, said that the most difficult question they answered correctly was from Fish in a Tree :  "What did Ally draw for Keisha?"  (Answer--a cupcake)

Words from the team
Being on the team was an honor.  The best part about it was saying the answers to Cameron quickly when they asked the question.  When I didn't make Battle of the Books in 3rd or 4th grade, I didn't give up.  This was a great experience for me...-- Stefania, grade 5

Being the captain was as stressful and fun as being on the team.  I had a hard time understanding all the whispers that came from my teammates...I can't express the amount of fun and happiness I have doing this. I hope I can do this in the future and be in the finals...--Cameron, grade 5

A million-- Skylar, grade 3 (when asked how many flashcards she studied with her mom)

The time limit [was the hardest part]-- Connor, grade 3 (who, by the way, can put away 4 pieces of pizza with no effort)

It always keeps getting better and better-- Howie, grade 3 about his favorite Sunshine State book, Prairie Evers

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